Solutions for academic or large libraries

Very large libraries or university library networks have special requirements and Decalog and Data Management PA have created a technical, commercial and legal partnership, which includes more than 100 professionals.

Our partner, Data Management

The cultural division of Data Management is an entity of 50 professionals situated in Ravenna, Italy. It publishes the Sebina OpenLibrary (SOL) ILS and its successor SebinaNext. The SebinaYOU portal is used by more than 60% of Italian public bodies and universities. These include, for example, large mixed university and public reading networks like those of Rome (la Sapienza) or Bologna with a network of more than 450 libraries.

Our know-how and Sebina

Since 2012 Decalog has acquired all the skills needed to implement and deploy the solutions of DMPA. The language used is French and product maintenance is carried out by our own teams.

Sebina solutions

SIGB Sebina Next


Portail SebinaYOU



Mobile applications

SIGB Sebina Next


SebinaNEXT is one of the most efficient ILSs on the European market. It has evolved from the SOL software. This software makes it possible to configure the differentiated rules of functioning of the network, the subnetworks and the libraries, thus maintaining library identities that nevertheless function as a group. Its complete functional perimeter is totally adapted to the needs of large libraries and university libraries.

Portail SebinaYOU

SebinaYOU Portail

SebinaYOU is the protal designed for users. In conformity with RGAA, SebinaYou offers personalised services and integrates access to digital resources natively.


SebinaAPPS Applications mobile

SebinaAPPS is a set of native applications using Android or IOS, available in GooglePlay or Applestore. These mobility tools make full use of the new technology: recognition of a document’s barcode, geographic location within the network, online reservation services etc

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The university of Strasbourg

Université de Strasbourg

Le SebinaNext ILS is used to meet the needs of the common documentation service of the University of Strasbourg and three of its partners (National School of Water Engineering, National etc etc….). All in all 60 institutions make use of this library management software.

The SebinaYou public interface enables users to consult the collections of the National and University Library of S. It offers readers services that conform to the latest web formats.