Decalog PORTAL
Online portal for libraries

Whatever the size of your institution or network, Decalog PORTAL can present all the contents managed by the libraries in a single, user-friendly, intuitive interface:

  • local catalogue
  • user account
  • online resources
  • local content: cultural events, news, document files…. local digital documents (photos, films etc)
  • e-books

Thanks to this tool, library staff are rapidly in a position to easily add their contribution to the contents of the document portal.

Management of editorial content


Our document portal integrates a content management system (CMS) designed by Decalog. This module makes it possible for a user without advanced computer skills to publish information online. You can create:

  • your own tree diagram of pages
  • an unlimited number of pages
  • different kinds of content: articles, news, website reference lists, subject portfolios, RSS feeds, documents to be downloaded, forms, slide-shows, discussion threads, newsletters, calendars, files etc

Integrated Document Search


Decalog PORTAL includes and extends the document retrieval features of Decalog OPAC. Our document portal offers retrieval services from the local catalogue, the metadata of online service suppliers and portal contents. This search uses several methods to help the user access the documents needed:

  • predictive suggestions as you type
  • facets
  • spell checking
  • federated search
  • etc

Drupal CMS option for big projects


For extended networks requiring a portal with additional functions, Decalog integrates the open source software Drupal. This content manager sets up add-on modules (widgets) and implements sophisticated flow management.

Customised webdesign


Decalog creates or adapts your corporate identity to the portal. It is possible to offer a range of visual identity to each establishment, pole or user group ( for example young people or senior citizens). We routinely offer an application adapted for the visually impaired, compatible with the RGAA 3.0 recommendations.

Digital resources

icone réseau

The records of our portal are automatically enriched with a variety of complementary information sources:

  • audio tracks from Amazon or MusicBrainz
  • Wikipedia biographies
  • DVD covers and book jackets from Amazon
  • etc

You can also subscribe to interactive digital or self training resources.

Access to a digital library

offre physique numerique

PNB makes it possible for professionals to acquire digital books that are directly accessible for Decalog PORTAL authenticated users. The search can be federated between physical and digital documents; the user chooses the medium. You can also set up “an online digital library”.

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2,300 libraries, networks and documentation centres use our solutions.

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