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Decalog ILS is a complete document management system that adapts to all kinds of library, whatever their size. It integrates all the functions of e-Paprika and e-Carthame in a single platform. Using a simple browser, Decalog ILS will meet all your needs concerning document management, whatever your institution:

  • library and network of libraries
  • specialised library
  • documentation centre

A complete library management system


Decalog ILS is an innovative software for library management which offers the functional perimeter needed for structures at all levels:

  • Native integration of RFID solutions
  • Import and export of records from customisable profiles
  • Optimisation of business processes
  • Management of distribution by network: loans, returns, reminders…..
  • Open subscriber management: specific base or link with an LDAP directory. Family and group management are possible.
  • Import and export of records based on customisable profiles
  • Management of new purchases
  • Management of periodicals: subscriptions, perusal of records etc
  • Fully customisable statistics

Catalogue management


Decalog ILS optimises the cataloguing process. It has been designed to meet the new, evolving standards (FRBR and RDA) and offers enhanced access to all available sources.

  • Cataloguing via automatic record retrieval and integration from standardised (BnF, SUDOC…..) or specific (AlloCiné, MusicBrainz) bibliographic repositories.
  • Conforms to Unimarc standards.
  • The FRBR model is generated natively by Decalog ILS. This solution  automatically combines representations and media, in order to facilitate search and reservation of documents.

Management of library networks

icone réseau

Our solution makes life easier for staff working with public reading networks:

  • Customisation by function within the network
  • Management of document circulation via shuttles (transits)
  • Complete management of localisations
  • Calendar modules and task management enhancing communication between professionals
  • Collaborative intelligence solution

Adaptation to user level

petite bibliothèque

Within a structure or a network of libraries the levels of use are most often heterogeneous. Experienced professionals, managers, volunteers….. our ILS is customisable for all kinds of  users.

  • Rights management
  • Access to personalised dashboards
  • Automatic provisioning of predefined statistics
  • Possibility of using simplified cataloguing grids
  • Automatic retrieval of records via repositories simplifying data entries
  • Integration of records of perusals of periodical supplied by IndexPresse

Physical and digital offer

offre physique numerique

With our library software you can offer your users a choice between physical and digital documents. Decalog ILS makes it possible to catalogue local digital resources, or to make available those stored in our system. You can thus set up a Digital Library integrating a multitude of sources:

  • Vodéclic
  • Cité de la Musique
  • ArteVOD
  • Dilicom (PNB)
  • Local cultural assets
  • etc.

A cloud-based ILS


Decalog ILS is optimised and ready to be deployed in the cloud:

  • You can take advantage of real-time updates
  • You can work from any location and any workstation, using a normal internet
  • Co-working is encouraged.

Decalog ILS can also be installed on your local network.

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2,300 libraries, networks and documentation centres use our solutions.

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Corbeil Essonnes

The library network of Corbeil Essonnes

The libraries are equipped with Decalog solutions for their ILS, web portal and public internet access. They chose Decalog products for their library network functions and for the cloud platform which eliminates computer maintenance.