Decalog PNB
Digital library

Decalog PNB : prêt numérique en bibliothèque

Decalog PNB helps libraries set up a e-lending offer that will respond to the new uses of dematerialised resources.

With Decalog PNB it is now possible to buy digital documents, and offer them for download or streaming without having to worry about copyright or technical problems. The digital library is completely integrated into the platform.

How does the digital library work?

Since the beginning of the Dilicom project, Decalog has been a major player in the digital library system. The library decides on its own rules in Decalog ILS in accordance with those imposed by publishers – for example the number of documents that can be loaned in a given period. The digital version of the documents is accessible by means of a link on the detailed record of the OPAC documentary search result: downloading or streaming DRM protected documents.

The digital document process

  • automatic retrieval of acquisition rights (number of copies, number of authorised loans, etc) from the Decalog PNB platform
  • automatic retrieval of documentary records in Decalog ILS
  • programmed availability of digital documents in Decalog PORTAL
  • downloading (EPUB or PDF) or online reading of documents by users from Decalog PORTAL in accordance with the library’s lending rules
  • statistical tracking of acquisition rights and downloads

History of PNB

PNB is a platform created and maintained by Dilicom. This technical operator sets up standardised exchanges between the different players (publishing houses, libraries, independent bookshops, service providers and suppliers), enabling the interoperability of their information systems.

PNB is not linked to any one publisher or bookseller. It is a platform open to all the players in the supply chain of books (Gallimard, Flammarion, Seuil, Minuit, L’Olivier, Belfond, Robert Laffont, Pygmalion etc.)

Thanks to PNB, libraries have at their disposal an attractive, continually updated catalogue of digital books containing thousands of items. PNB is backed by the Ministry of Culture; it makes digital access possible in libraries. The users are now able, for the same title, to choose between the printed version and the e-book. This choice is clearly indicated in Decalog OPAC.

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