Digital library resources

At a time when all kinds of online offers are multiplying rapidly, it is more and more necessary to harmonise both identification procedures and access to resources. In order to face up to the ever-growing number of suppliers, formats and technical dialogues, Decalog CONNECT proposes a unified solution for accessing digital resources of all kinds, and provides their indexation and identification procedures.

Digital content publishers

Decalog works with several content publishers. We are always in search of new partners and pay particular attention to the demands of our users; the list is constantly evolving over time and according to user needs. Preview of some digital resource publishers:

ressource numérique lekiosk

Logo feedbooks

logo edumedia

logo planetnemo

logo Kidilangues

logo CVS

Philarmonie Paris

logo toutapprendre

ressource numérique vodeclic

logo bibliovox

logo Cité Musique Paris


Arte VOD



Logo Amazon

ressource numérique indexpress

Logo Babelio

logo wikipedia

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