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Public libraries

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Today public libraries are responsible for a wide range of activities: lending, cultural mediation, access to online resources, training in the use of digital tools etc. Professionals in this sector are in search of easy-to-use solutions for library management which will help them meet the  demands created by these new practices. The software should also be highly configurable, making it easier to use in a network of libraries.

Our solutions

The platform includes all the functions necessary for public readership structures: ILS, portal, OPAC, computer and Internet access management, online resource management. Libraries can automate a large number of tasks, thus facilitating day-to-day management (import and enrichment of records, RFID readiness, shuttle system management). Our solution is particularly appreciated by library networks sharing a common reader base and catalogue, or using a module of management of inter-library document circulation.

The Corbeil Essonnes network of libraries

Corbeil Essonnes

These libraries are equipped with Decalog solutions for their ILS, portal and Internet access. They have chosen our online services platform for the management of their network and their cloud-based operations.

University libraries

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Academic libraries offer documentation for students, teachers and researchers. Over the years their missions have evolved in terms of documentation, teaching methods, research and cultural activities. Today academic libraries also play an essential part in the use of new technologies; they offer quality digital resources, enriched catalogues and training in information technology.

Our solutions

All the needs of academic libraries can be met thanks to the “Sebina Open Library” software and our other applications: ILS, digital libraries, document portal, OPAC, management of multimedia workstations… Our solution takes into account the specificities of both school and university libraries, and makes life easier for professionals and end users alike. We integrate functions such as federated research, retrieval of SUDOC (university system of documentation) data to enrich your offer, meeting cataloguing standards (MARC, Z39-50), access to a digital library to showcase your cultural assets…

University libraries in Strasburg

Bibliothèques Strasbourg

Decalog has deployed the Sebina Open Library software, the SebinaYOU portal and the native applications for mobile phones (IOS and Android) in the network of university libraries in Strasburg. The system equips a network of more than 60 libraries and has 50,000 users, both end-users and librarians.

Specialised libraries

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Specialist libraries offer their patrons multiple-support collections in a specific field. The arts, sciences, law….. each structure corresponds to a different degree of specialisation. These libraries often offer their patrons rare digitised collections that are available thanks to their online catalogues.

Our solutions

Our offer makes it possible to describe complex document objects. Decalog SIGB proposes multilingual thesauri, full-text searches, access to a digital library, a document portal with enriched records etc.

ENAP - National School of Prison Administration


The ENAP relies upon Decalog for more than 10 years. The organisation is in charge of 3 collections : contemporary documents, resources about the history of crimes and sentence and a digital library.

The school has available 118,000 records whose half are part work; Decalog host around 26,000 digital documents.

Documentation centres

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Documentation centres function very much like libraries: they have rules for the circulation of documents, cataloguing standards, records derived from bibliographic repositories, user-friendly document portals. Numerous convergence projects allow documentation centres to take advantage of the experience and methods of libraries, as for example in the merging of the Arts Décoratifs (National School of Decorative Arts) library software with that of its documentation centre.

Our solutions

Decalog ILS is always on the look-out for this kind of synergy. It integrates a thesaurus management system, the intuitive management of primary cataloguing by non-specialists, automatic addition of digitised documents to each record, with automatic extraction of metadata and full-text indexation. Decalog PORTAL allows users to browse collections and search through heterogeneous archives. Document access is facilitated by the use of integrated viewers that do not have to be installed on the workstation.

The Arts Décoratifs Library

Collections des Arts Décoratifs

The School of Decorative Arts has entrusted Decalog with the installation of the new document system that merges the bases of the library and the documentation centre. Thanks to Decalog GED over 300,000 bibliographic records and 210,000 high-definition digitised images have been published.

Computer and public Internet access

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IT centres and public Internet access provide their users with computer hardware and can teach them how to use digital tools. Such structures necessitate all-in-one solutions that allow them to manage and secure devices and Internet use.

Our solutions

Decalog EPN makes it possible for coordinators to manage the computers, laptops and tablets connected to WiFi or to the public space network. The terminals are secured via black and white lists and our application can function with or without an ILS. Our application also manages reservations for equipment like video game consoles or e-readers.

The Internet access of the "Echo" digital library at Kremlin-Bicêtre

EPN Kremelin Bicêtre login

The Kremlin-Bicêtre IT centre has been using our EPN management system since 2012; it provides patrons with access to the computer hardware, either autonomously or with guidance. The computer access is equipped with 35 computers and 5 tablets, all of which can be booked online.

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