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Administration Decalog EPN

EPN, Decalog’s solution for the management of Public Internet Access provides security for public workstations (OPAC, multimedia computers), tablets and all other Wifi-connected terminals. Our online solution is particularly adapted to the requirements of:

  • libraries
  • documentation centres
  • IT centres
  • schools

Centralised management


  • Centralised management of installation of workstations, updates and new applications
  • Remote management of workstations: programmed power management of workstations
  • Real-time interaction with users: additional time allocation, messaging, logout
  •   Centralised management of payment for printouts and photocopies
  • Management of user flows: limitation of consultation time, reservation of workstations or other resources
  • Usage statistics

Secure sessions


Users of your computer and Internet access can browse the net safely and their data is protected:

  • Security management of workstations and tablets: filtering rules using customisable black and/or white lists
  • Traceability of Wifi access for mobile devices
  • Confidentiality of users’ personal data
  • Online or on-device data protection

User services


  • Access to permanent storage from the library/IT centre
  • Printing service
  • Electronic wallet
  • Access to online and local resources

Wi-fi access

icone wi-fi

  • Wi-Fi connection available for various devices: tablets, smartphones, workstations and laptops
  • Traceability of Wifi access for users with their own devices or with tablets provided by the library
  • Users can have an unlimited access to wifi 

Connection via your ILS

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Decalog interfaces with the directory of your ILS:

  • solutions created by Decalog: Absothèque, Agate, Carthame, Paprika CS2, Paprika CS, e-Paprika – e-Carthame
  • other ILS : AbsysNet (Baratz, GFI Informatique), Aleph 500 (Ex Libris), Karvi (Karvi Services), Koha (Open Source), Orphée (C3RB)…
  • Library ID-based user login

Autonomous functioning

icone satellite

Our solution also functions without an ILS, by creating new user accounts directly from the Web administration interface of the product.

It is also possible to import data to the base of your public internet access by integrating it from a .csv file or a LDAP directory.

You need information?


2,300 libraries, networks and documentation centres use our solutions.

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The computer and Internet access of the Kremlin-Bicêtre library

The Kremlin-Bicêtre library has been using our public Internet access management system since 2012; users access the computers either independently or with an assistant.